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What I Do

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Fact Checking:  At every stop along the writing-way, I have either been edited or have edited others. I've experienced how easy it is to get mired in research, too. Research might even become the project itself if we aren't careful! At some point, your beautiful story must get out of your beautiful brain or it’s liable to stay stuck in there for years before seeing the light of the page.


This is why fact-checking is so critical later on. We can’t know everything for certain when we craft from our imagination. And we shouldn’t have to. That’s where I come in; to be sure at the end, all those details you've envisioned are rooted in fact. Luckily, fact-checking is one of my favorite things to do. (Horseback riding another, but that's a topic for another day.)

I learned the trade by developing source lists under the research editor's leadership at Los Angeles Magazine; an invaluable, cherished experience. I went on to fact check manuscripts, from a Pulitzer Prize winning writer’s to award winning screenwriters.


Ghostwriting: I have ghostwritten fantasy for Galatea, an immersive fiction storytelling App. This meant taking part in creative meetings online as we were all working various countries, working with a team under the direction of a head-writer, and following the plot outline we constructed under a very tight deadline. Then, the editing process & rewrite before final submittal.  



Content Writing: I have interviewed, transcribed, and written articles for print (LA Mag & Yoo N’ LA Mag). I have also blogged for various zines, mostly local neighborhood type of reviews. 

I have completed a spec screenplay and numerous nonfiction essays, and short-form prose for submissions. 


If you would like to work together to bring your project to life, let's talk!

1.  First, we will schedule a FREE Fifteen Minute phone consultation together to talk about your project, goals, and your timeline.  

2. Second, I will likely ask that you send me the first 10 pages of your work (if screenplay or manuscript) so that we can see if we are a good fit for your goals. If you don't have the pages yet, or your project is of a different ilk, we start with our phone consultation to see how I can best serve your project.