jenny in a nutshell 

J. Davis is a native Los Angelian, a fact that has made an indelible mark on her writing life, having grown up in Hollywood with all its scattered palm trees, jacarandas, broken sidewalks, and blaring sirens over Sunset Boulevard at night. She took the circuitous route to her writing life. From ad-copy in SF to Hollywood assistant; from magazine fact-checking to client services on a studio lot; from waitress to post-production manager; from marketing director to floral-design, her path after graduation from Berkeley has been about as indirect as she could muster, mostly to prove to all those who said, “don’t take the circuitous route,” that they were wrong. She thought, “Why not? How bad could it be?”  


She says something to the effect of: “We’ve all seen that one diagram, you know the one of the stick-figure guy on his way down the straight path of life’s plan, then reality hits and that line starts looking like an electrocardiogram during a heart attack? That’s my way.”

She knows the pain of writer’s block: that intangible state of being where one cuts off their creativity for all the "right reasons” ranging from busy to stuck to fear. In fact, this is how she discovered editing. One day, while avoiding her own manuscript, she offered to edit a talented friend's short story. Then another talented friend's manuscript. She recognized her bird's-eye editorial skills came to life in a way she wasn't experiencing with her own work. Nurturing another's story is its own creative process and one that felt like home.


Her parents were (all) writers. Even her paternal grandmother who wrote for magazines and published a memoir about her Greek-American life in St. Louis. Her mom and dad were screenwriters growing up, and her other dad was an aspiring writer & casting agent. When Jenny was young, she might be asked to storyboard a scene using Croylas (to keep her occupied at the breakfast table.) Or, someone might have her read through their screenplay to see what she thought. 


"What kind of chase scene haven't you seen before?"  Since Lawrence of Arabia was her first favorite film of all time, she was opinionated on the matter, whether it be camel chases or later, flying cars. 

Or, "Would you still watch this movie if the dog dies at the end?" (No, was the answer, always no.)

She edits for friends. You are welcome to become a friend. One such winner of Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference 2019 non-fiction award would agree.

She researches, having once been a fact-checking intern for Los Angeles Magazine, an experience she will always cherish, she found a quiet passion for fact-checking and jumped into freelancing from there. 


She’s written content for LA Mag, Yoo N LA Mag, Choysters, and various online zines. And joins writing contests for fun. Like Writers Weekly, where she just won honorable mention for her short story "Finally Special."

She’s performed stand-up comedy around LA. Truthfully, this is not unusual in LA. If you haven’t tried it yet: you don't actually die on stage. You may black-out the first time from stage fright, where the only proof it happened is a friend's cell phone footage, but your legs carry you through, set after set. Point is, comedy writing drills home the importance of word choice. Not stepping on your own punchline. And delivery, even when you think you're going to pass out.

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